Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You are Not what you eat

This past Saturday I spent all day in an auditorium side by side with some of the greatest women I know at a conference called BREAKTHROUGH: Peace with Food, Peace with your Body!

My friend Cherie Burton, hosted the event and invited several other women to share their insight on our relationship with food and the stewardship we have over our bodies!  I loved it!  There was so much good information shared and even more than that, TRUTH was being taught!

I had many ah-ha moments, but the greatest message I walked away with was how much my Father in Heaven loves me!  He wants my to use my body to it's fullest potential, to love it, cherish it and treat it kindly.

I have been going over my notes, trying to soak it all in and process everything I learned.  I love being taught, but I have a bad habit of loving information and then not applying it in my life.  I have made several small changes during the past few months and little by little I am starting to see a new me emerging.  It's not so much of a physical change yet, but inner changes for sure!

If you are interested in what was taught at this conference, go check out Cherie's website Sacred Stations, she will have it available to listen to soon!  She is offering a free download of her newest book right now as well!

*Photo of Cherie Burton taken from Sacred Stations

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  1. Sounds like this was an amazing conference! Thanks for sharing!