Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Being a Latter-Day Saint (Mormon)

A few weeks ago, Joni Martin, asked me to write a post on her blog, Hope's Journey!  I was thrilled and honored.  The assignment was to answer a few questions about my religion and how my belief in God has influenced my life.

I love what Joni is doing!  She is highlighting several religions, as she looks into their beliefs and gains a better understanding of women around the world and how their beliefs guide them from day to day.  I have read some of her blog and have found it to be very very fascinating!

If you'd like to read my post visit Joni's blog, Hope's Journey!


  1. Hey! I'm Emily -- I did the post on Joni's blog right before you! Love the theme of your blog. I keep finding women who started blogs like this right around the same time last year. Woah.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you two met! You're both awesome!

  3. Hi Michelle,

    This is Stephanie, one of the authors from EmpoweringLDSWomen.blogspot.com, and we're collecting guest posts from various inspiring mothers discussing how they are able to find balance in motherhood. We're posting these stories in a blog series the week before Mother's Day. Would you be willing to participate and write about how as a mother you are able to balance the many constraints on your time and still find time to do things that are rejuvenating for you? Joni actually reccomended you as someone who is a great writer about motherhood :)

    This post can be as short or as long as you'd like. If you are willing to share your experiences, please email me at empoweringldswomen.blogspot.com.

    Thanks! I hope to get to know you more in the future!

  4. Hey Michelle! I have a question for you -- e-mail me at gidgetebf at hotmail. Thanks! Emily